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First Comes Love Then Comes Murder Cover Image 2.jpg

Nineteen juicy tales of revenge, betrayal, bad breakups, and a few I dos and some I don’ts. 

"Cruise to Nowhereby Kristin Kisska

When a young woman takes a European river cruise with relatives, unexpected rain isn't the only thing anchoring their privately chartered yacht. So is murder.

Murder, Neat

A SleuthSayers anthology 

"Not Yo' Mama's IPAby Kristin Kisska

As Lynn heads out to meet her husband Jack at thier favorite craft brewery for a celebratory dinner date, a lingering regret she's long since buried resurfaces just in time to toast their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Paranoia Blues

Crime fiction anthology inspired by the songs of Paul Simon

"Proofby Kristin Kisska

All Lisa wants is romance, happy kids, and a fresh start to her midlife--ideally, one that doesn't involve a prison. But when her ex-husband is paroled, she discovers her current husband may not have been the white knight she'd thought he was when they were married. As digs deeper, she finds proof that there's more to their past than romance.

Virginia is for Mysteries: Volume III

Virginia may be for lovers, but to fifteen authors, it's more sinister. This anthology of sixteen short stories, set in the Commonwealth, features many of Virginia's landmarks.

"Vendetta by the Seaby Kristin Kisska

When four middle-aged frenemies from high school rent a vacation house for a girlfriends' getaway weekend at Sandbridge Beach, their shared histories are resurrected and collide. Can they let bygones be bygones or will justice finally be served? 

Murder by the Glass

Whether the setting is a vineyard in Argentina or a small town in Virginia, these 17 mystery and suspense authors infuse this collection of deadly deeds with a variety of potent potables, the stories in Murder by the Glass: Cocktail Mysteries range from light-bodied puzzles to edgier tales with bitter consequences.

"Swiping Rightby Kristin Kisska

When a single woman agrees to rendezvous at a bar with a man she found on a dating app, romance is the furthest thing on her mind. Be careful swiping right.

Legends Reborn cover.jpg
Legends Reborn

This anthology features myths, legends, and various other stories as you've never heard them before. Each story puts a twist on an old classic, reviving them in new and unique ways.

"Preludeby Kristin Kisska

In Paris 1874, elegant society ruled the day, while the night belonged to the ruffians. One man dared to bridge them both.

Deadly Southern Charm (1).jpeg
Deadly Southern Charm

This anthology of short stories were written by Sisters in Crime – Central Virginia members. As a collection, all of the stories have a female sleuth and are set somewhere in the southern United States.

"Unbridledby Kristin Kisska

When an equestrian rider goes missing, her bestie searches for her only to discover that old secrets may fade away, but never die.  

Cover- Mystery Most Edible.jpg
Mystery Most Edible

2020 Anthony Award for Best Anthology

Malice Domestic Anthology 2019

"Snowbirdingby Kristin Kisska

Page 125.

Cold Maine winters versus sunny Florida beaches. Seems like an easy choice. Or is it? Lizzy and RuthAnne both think so.

Mystery Most Geographical

Malice Domestic Anthology 2018

"Czech Mateby Kristin Kisska

Page 213.

Living Prague Spring proves hazardous when the newly-granted freedom of the press comes under renewed Soviet threat and student Pavla Laskova finds herself torn between family and friends. 

Day of the Dark

A recipe for disaster: take one total solar eclipse, add two dozen spine-chilling mysteries, and shake the reader until the world ends in Day of the Dark!  

"To the Moon and Backby Kristin Kisska

Page 189

How far will a desperate woman go to protect her child?  All the way to the moon and back.

50 Shades of Cabernet

IN VINO MYSTERIUM is the theme for this collection of short stories, each blending a baffling mystery and a glass (or more) of cabernet. When eighteen mystery writers combine their talents, the result is the perfect “flight” of stories that range from the light-bodied puzzles to sparkling cozy mysteries to darker, heavier tales of deceit and murder. 

"Wine and Prejudiceby Kristin Kisska

Page 31.

When a bride-to-be's diamond bracelet disappears, only wine and time can reveal the thief.

Virginia is for Mysteries: Volume II

Yes, Virginia may be for lovers, but to nineteen authors Virginia is for Mysteries: Volume II. This anthology of nineteen short stories features mysteries set in Virginia landmarks.

"A Colonial Graveby Kristin Kisska

Page 92.

When an archaeology student excavates a bone in Colonial Williamsburg, little does she know she's found the victim's remains from a cold case murder.

Murder Under the Oaks

2016 Anthony Award for Best Anthology

Bouchercon Anthology 2015

"The Sevensby Kristin Kisska 

Page 213.

1905. When their friend is poisoned, seven college students band together to stop a sinister plan.

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