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A novel by Kristin Kisska

In this heart-wrenching exploration of unconditional love, what a mother finds in the aftermath of her son’s death could put her family back together―or tear them apart for good.

In the wake of her son’s sudden death, Margaret Dobrescu struggles to keep it together in the face of her grief…and her guilt. She can’t help but blame herself for Kyle’s own lifelong struggles―namely, the alcoholism that plagued him.

But within mere days of his funeral, secrets and suspicions begin to surface, and Margaret’s husband admits that Kyle once confessed to having a daughter. Clinging to the hope that some part of her son is still out there, Margaret embarks on a search to find her rumored granddaughter.

What Margaret hasn’t prepared for, however, is the deluge of secrets that keep coming. And as she digs deeper and deeper into her son’s life to find the truth, what she finds instead is that her own secrets can’t stay buried forever.

Release date ~ August 29, 2023

Available now at the links below or your favorite online retailer.

THE HINT OF LIGHT ~ Agatha Award 2024 nomination for Best First Mystery Novel
Advance Praise for THE HINT OF LIGHT

“Kristin Kisska's immersive debut novel The Hint of Light is the heartfelt, devastating, and inspirational story of Margaret, a wife and mother, who is determined to pull her family together after the sudden loss of her son. The Dobrescu family is complicated, and their wounds are as deep as their love. As secrets are revealed, and truth is illuminated, Margaret embraces the power of forgiveness to shore up their souls and rebuild their lives. A shimmering novel about the things that matter.” —Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of The Good Left Undone

“Brave, unflinching, and absolutely devastating, Kristin Kisska's heartbreaking novel is the riveting story of devoted motherhood, shattering grief, and an unrelenting search for redemption in the face of unintended consequences. Powerfully written, and deeply emotional, this story will stay with you long after its explosive ending.” —Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today bestselling author of The House Guest

“How much does a secret weigh on a child? The Hint of Light explores this complex idea with heartbreaking yet hopeful prose. Kisska skillfully weaves secrets and complex emotion into a beautiful novel about family, the things we do to protect them and the consequences of our actions. With an ending that will blow your mind, The Hint of Light will take you on an emotional rollercoaster you'll wish was just a bit longer!” —Maggie Giles, award-winning author of The Things We Lost

“Kisska wields her pen like a scalpel, slowly revealing the deepest secrets of characters who are so real, so flawed, and so beautifully human you will gasp, cheer, and cry—occasionally on the same page—in one of the most stunningly crafted debuts I've read in years. She is a writer to watch in every sense of the word.” —LynDee Walker, Amazon Charts bestselling and Thriller Award nominated author of Tell No Lies

“Poignant, heartbreaking, and emotional.” —Kerry Lonsdale, Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author

“The Hint of Light deftly explores the unexpected twists and turns of navigating grief and regret while searching for hope after a tragic loss. Through provocative pacing and carefully layered characters, Kristin Kisska’s emotionally charged debut reminds readers certain life-changing events can split anyone's personal timeline into a heart wrenching ‘before’ and ‘after.’ If you’re looking for a moving and insightful read with plenty of unanswered questions to keep the pages turning—this is the book for you!” —Emily Bleeker, bestselling author of When I'm Gone

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