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Welcome to my website.


I'm an MBA-turned-fictionista, Thomas Jefferson's biggest fangirl, and a born-and-bred Virginia belle. You can also find me dancing flamenco and riding horses on the sly.


Ever since I hid under my covers with a flashlight to read my first NANCY DREW novel, thrillers, suspense, and mysteries have always been my favorite genre of books. I crave the tension, the unputdownable pacing, and I'm always trying to solve the problem with the clues before the author reveals whodunit and why.


Since my blood runs *navy blue and orange*, and I'm addicted to secret societies, I set my first novel--a suspense/thriller--at Mr. Jefferson's university (my alma mater), the University of Virginia. Wahoowa!


I'm currently writing a thriller/quest set in Prague, Czech Republic, an enchantingly picturesque city I lived in for three years after the Iron Curtain fell.


I hope to share my novels with you someday, but in the meantime, seven of my short mystery stories are published. Hope you enjoy reading them. 


Thanks for dropping by my website! Stay a while. Would love for you to join my mailing list and drop me a note.


~ Kristin